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A boy born to rule a divided city; a girl destined to return lost magic to the world; a prince who will betray his people to win a crown... These three will discover the dark side of themselves and those they love, as their kingdom faces war, plague and the end of hope. But the blackest night comes before the dawn...

The Sword Catcher, a brand new high fantasy series by Cassandra Clare.
Coming in 2022...


The Sword Catcher Wiki is a encyclopedia for the Sword Catcher series by Cassandra Clare. There are currently 18 articles on the wiki. It's a work in progress, you can help by expanding the wiki!

Note: The website contains plot details about the series and is meant to be a fan's comprehensive source about the series. Because of this, the wiki also contains spoilers, hence visitors who visit this site should read the contents at their own risk.

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